Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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  • Ashurbanipal — King of Assyria. 669 627 BC.     Esarhaddon, king of *Assyria (681 669 BC), pursued the policy of his father *Sennacherib, expanding and subjugating peoples even more vigorously. When *Esarhaddon became ill and died at Harran, his successor… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Psammetichus I — King 664 610 BC.     The Egyptian local princes who had intrigued with *Taharka, the Ethiopian ruler of Egypt, against the *Assyrians were removed to Nineveh. One of these *Necho I, the Prince of Sais and his son Psammetichus were returned to… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Necho I — Prince of Sais 672 664 BC.     Necho, Prince of the Delta city of Sais, was installed as ruler by the *Assyrian conqueror *Esarhaddon, who followed a policy of giving limited authority to those native Egyptian princes whom he could trust. Necho… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Pyramide des Tanotamun — Die Pyramide des Tanotamun liegt in der Nekropole von el Kurru, in Nubien, im heutigen Sudan. Tanotamun (etwa 664 bis 656 v. Chr.) war der letzte nubische Herrscher, der auch in Ägypten regierte. Die eigentliche Pyramide (Ku 16) ist heute… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE —     PREDYNASTIC PERIOD (c.5000 3100 BC)     Scorpion before 3100 BC     UNIFICATION OF EGYPT (c.3100 BC)     ARCHAIC PERIOD     First Dynasty c.3100 2890 BC     Narmer (Menes) c.3100 ? BC Aha c.3070 BC     Djer c.3042 2995 BC     Den c.2985 2930… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Taharka — King 690 664 BC.     The brother of Shebitku, *Nubian ruler of Egypt in the Twenty fifth Dynasty, Taharka was summoned with his other brothers from Napata to join Shebitku at Thebes. They came with an army and accompanied Shebitku to Lower Egypt …   Ancient Egypt

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